Make your bed

You ever see or read one of those motivational/inspirational speeches which says that you should make your bed every morning? They usually say that doing so is an easy way to start your day having “accomplished” something, and that it sets the stage for you to be in a mindset of accomplishing things for the rest of the day.

Let me tell you something. Whoever thinks I need to make the bed to have accomplished something first thing in the morning is someone who’s never gotten the kids out the door.

By the time that guy’s made his bed, I’ve dressed the kids (including several, um, discussions about clothing), I’ve made multiple lunches, coffee/tea for the grown-ups, gotten backpacks in order, found lost library books, packed up all my *own* shit of the day at the office, etc. etc.

If all that crap doesn’t make me feel like I’ve gotten something done before 8a, believe me, making the bed is the last thing I should be worried about. I should be back *in* the bed.

So, yeah, maybe make your bed if you think it’ll make you feel good.  Or you just like having your bed made.

But if you’re making it just to have a feeling of accomplishment, you’ve got some serious other problems in your life.  Or maybe a spouse who works way the hell hard to make your life so easy that you feel that making the bed is a major achievement.